Seecorso Velden am Wörthersee

Set sail for your perfect adventure:

Discover endless adventures on the open waters. Rent a boat and explore Lake Wörthersee, from tranquil fishing trips to exciting water sports. Enjoy the freedom of the open water and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wörtherseeboote Ölwein - Our Services:

Boats Rental

Embark on a license-free adventure on Lake Wörthersee by renting a boat. Choose from our diverse fleet, outfitted with sun-kissed decks, on-board radios and easy-access swim ladders.


In addition to boat rental, we also offer you safe berths, careful winter storage, professional crane service and repair services. Discover our expertise in the field of engines! 

Boats Market

In addition to boat rentals, we offer seamless boat sales opportunities through our partner websites: 

Perfect Vacation

Make your vacation even better. On board our license-free motor boats, you can experience Lake Wörthersee and its unique natural scenery. Unforgettable hours are guaranteed. Many boats offer a spacious sunbathing area for relaxing in the sun - those who like it in the shade will be happy about a large sun sail.

Discover our boats and prices

Discover our boats and prices